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24 June 7.30pm
Set Up 24 June 7.30pm

A comedy play depicting real life situation of two couples, from different class of society.  A well to do married couple from the hills of St Andrew and a couple from the inner city of Kingston.

Mr and Mrs cox,despite having all the wealth they can acquire is still unhappy in their marriage.  Each in their own mind have fantasies and pleasures that they want, but are afraid to confront them.

On the other side of town resides,  Cappa and Stella who find it hard to make ends meet and therefore this makes their life very uncomfortable.  As the saying goes “love of money is the root of all evil”. When their next door neighbor Shebie, who also happens to  work as a butler for the Cox family, get’s wind of the situation , he becomes a mediator in their lives and try to help solve both couples problems , while he reaps financial benefits. The story unfolds with a lot of manipulation, deception, fantasies and fury.


Hackney Empire

£32  (plus £1 per ticket online, £1.25 per ticket over the phone)

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