Monamee Talks: Kali Claire interviewed by Hamzaa

18 MAR 6PM
Monamee Talks: Kali Claire interviewed by Hamzaa 18 MAR 6PM

Q&A with Kali Claire
hosted by Hamzaa

A creative initiative to help and inspire young people of today, to navigate different sectors of the creative arts, media and performance industries!

Limited places for the live talk are available so SIGN UP and let us know why you want to be there! The talk will be available online after the event too. In association with @HEfutures @hackneyempire

Stay tuned as we have some exciting people, artists, writers, execs and many more on board to share their knowledge and expertise on their respective fields.

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“I wanted to bring together like minded people, no matter how close or far away from their dream, to share knowledge and to share wisdom to better help the future of our young people”

Hamzaa and Kali will discuss the life as up and coming artists, going on tour and what it’s like to navigate the industry as young people.

Hamzaa Biography

Hamzaa, 22 year old Singer, Songwriter from London. She has a burning passion for the creative industry, and wanted to find her own way to share the knowledge that many young creatives may want and need. Talking to renowned names in the UK industry, she hopes to inspire and educate. Giving back and teaching are some of Hamzaa’s greatest passions and with MONAMEE talks it can be the start of something much bigger!


FREE for ages 14–25