20 & 21 Jan 2018
Aubergine 20 & 21 Jan 2018
Saturday 20th January
Sunday 21st January

“It seems that we are becoming more and more concerned with what separates us from our fellow human beings, whereas I think we have much more in common than we might like to admit.”

Trying to find common roots amongst the food and music of different cultures, celebrated soprano Claron McFadden takes a journey around the Mediterranean.

Alongside documentary film maker Lisa Tahon, she is welcomed into family homes, learning local recipes and traditional songs. In a unique live performance Claron and six virtuoso musicians combine stories, documentary film and music from around the world. The audience is invited to enjoy an exceptional musical event that explores our desire for identity in this nomadic, ever-changing world – as well as sampling some of the recipes Claron has acquired on her travels!


Hackney Empire

£ 20– £ 15 (plus £1 per ticket online, £1.25 per ticket over the phone)

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