Mission, Vision and Values

Hackney Empire is situated in the heart of London’s East End and has been an iconic venue for the arts and popular culture since it first opened in 1901. It is now an exceptional variety theatre for the 21st century that embraces a local and global community of artists and audiences; and presents work that is at once extraordinary, relevant, inspirational and transformative. Hackney Empire’s pioneering work with young people and its communities are at the heart of its mission.

Hackney Empire creates universal experiences on and beyond its stage, presenting work that is at once extraordinary, relevant, inspirational and transformative. It is constantly evolving in order to support the next generation of storytellers and change-makers, ensuring that all ideas and voices will be acknowledged. Hackney Empire’s eclectic programme of shows and events, alongside its pioneering work with young people and its communities are at the heart of its mission.  Hackney Empire will drive the unheard and the unknown into societies, a home for creativity, for all.



• The transformative impact of arts and culture, in all its forms, should be accessible by all. We have the opportunity to affect how we view others, our environment, our society and ourselves.

• We want previously ignored voices to be heard, isolated communities to be engaged and all ideas to be recognised and responded to.

Young people from all backgrounds will always have a home at Hackney Empire and our diverse community will always be at the heart of how we think and how we work.

• We want to entertain, and provoke. We want to face difficult truths, confront prejudice, embrace new ideas, and share stories.

We want to work with others to create high-quality, innovative and significant programmes.


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