Invest in Hackney

In 2010 Hackney was the second most deprived local authority in England. In 2015 it was eleventh. Hackney is coming up in the world and the Empire is at the heart of that regeneration, contributing an estimated £4.5 million to the local economy each year.

If you live or work in Hackney you will appreciate the theatre’s totemic significance at the cultural, historical, commercial and architectural hub of East London.
It’s not merely an attraction, with over 100,000 visitors last year; it’s a symbol of hope, of what can be achieved in even the most neglected areas. Arts and culture not only give the people of Hackney a voice, they nourish hearts and souls.
A thriving performing arts centre is crucial for Hackney’s economic vitality, creating jobs, inspiring enterprise and attracting skills. By championing diversity and social justice we also bring a new perspective to the regeneration argument