Who's Who

Board of directors:

Kingsley Afemikhe, Delphine Brand, Jo Cottrell, Franny Moyle, Jean Nicholson, Jay Sheth, Chris Unitt, Caroline Yeats


Executive Director  Jo Hemmant

Director of Artistic Programme  Yamin Choudury


Programme Manager and Executive Producer Comedy and Music  Jane Walsh
Programme Assistant 
Becca Thomason
Associate Director Susie McKenna

Creative Learning:

Creative Learning and Community Manager Rachel Horowitz


Building Manager Brian Wren
Customer Experience Manager Marika Morgan
Customer Experience Manager Shaniece Deleon
Customer Experience Co-ordinator Jenny Wong
Customer Experience Co-ordinator Anthony Jenkins (maternity cover)
Stage Door Manager
Noel Morgan
Head of Cleaning and Theatre Presentation Alison Louis


Finance Manager Jennifer Jones
Deputy Finance Manager Catherine Mujera
Finance Associate Lei Wang
Finance Assistant Fatima Laiq


Marketing Associate (part time) Jane Morgan
Marketing Manager Rosie Curtis
Digital Projects Manager Lucy Hughes


Fundraising Consultant Richard Ainsworth


Technical Manager Othman Read
Stage Technician John Ryan
Digital Associate Reuben Cook


Phone Numbers:

Box Office: +44 (0)20 8985 2424

Administration+44 (0)20 8510 4500

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